1/2 Beef Share *DEPOSIT*

1/2 Beef Share *DEPOSIT*

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Note: The $900 is the deposit. The total for a 1/2 share is $1,800!

Henderson Farms Beef Shares are incredibly flavorful, tender, and top notch quality.  From our farm to your Table. Our beef is dry-aged for no less than 21 days and  vacuum sealed to provide the best quality meat for you and your family. 

Choose farm pick-up or Delivery to Wichita, KS

 Deposit: $900

Total Cost: $1800

  • Average 260 lbs of dry-aged beef
  • For a half share you'll want to have about 14 cubic feet of freezer space. Usually a small chest or stand up freezer will hold it.



  • The flat fee of your share includes beef, delivery of live animal to processor, processing fee, packaging and delivery of your order. (within 75 miles of Wichita, KS).

  • Our steers and feeder heifers typically “finish” at 1500 live weight/900 hanging weight. If you prefer to know the price per lb hanging weight, our flat fee averages to around $3.88 (whole) and $4.00 (Quarter).

  • Your share will be equal parts from all areas of the beef to give you a better variety of premium cuts.

  • The remainder will be due at the time of delivery via cash or check.
  • Deposits are non refundable. If you choose to cancel your balance can be used to purchase in stock items.



*** All shares will include a variety of steaks, roasts, and ground beef. Buying shares is the best way to get bang for your buck when buying beef. ***

The cuts usually consist of 20-25% Steaks, 25-35% Roasts, Stew Meat & Short Ribs, and 40-50% Ground Beef.