Our Story

We are Jake and Caitlin Henderson. Jake is the sixth generation farmer of Henderson Farms, and has been on the farm since the day he was born.
Caitlin didn't grow up on a farm, but she fell in love with the farmer, and then the farming way of life.
We have three small children, and together as a family live and work on the farm every day.

We believe that it is our job to be a steward of the land and animals God has given us, and it is our mission to make sure the land is left better than we received it.

Here at Henderson Farms, we believe that sunrises and sunsets should be savored, that hard work and doing things the right way is the best way, and that we do things as a family.
We have always embraced inviting people into our farm and way of life. For years, Caitlin has done that through her writing on the blog and now the book, and now together as a family we are doing it with products from our farm.
That includes raising quality beef that is safe, nutritious, and the highest quality for your family.
Our cattle are raised with the best attention and practices to ensure they are given only the highest care.

Our beef is dry-aged for no less than 21 days, to ensure only the highest quality meat with maximum flavor and tenderness.